In life, your behavior and therefore your results are determined by your state of mind, NOT your circumstances.   Most of us have it all backwards.  We think that if so and so is nicer, or if we get that new car, that spotless house, or that promotion, that husband or wife, then we can finally relax, feel good, accomplished, and worthy.  But the very opposite is true.   How many people do you know that wait and wait until retirement and by that time, their health has suffered, the money has run out or the bills have piled up and its simply too late.  

And haven't you know those people that seem to be able to make things happen without the talent or obvious resources and yet they have the 'can 'do' attitude and seem to flow through life?

Your State is the Key.  

And two main things contribute to your state at any given time.

Your physiology contributes to your state. Do your ears hang low or are you pumped up and ready for life?  Are you a 'can do' or an 'oh no, that's not me' kind of person? Start to notice.

Your filters also contribute to your state. Are you deleting all the good memories and remembering the bad?  Are you distorting information?  Are you generalizing with phrases like, 'this ALWAYS happens to me!'

Start listening to your own internal dialogue and start asking yourself - 'Is this line of thinking, feeling and being SERVING me or not?'

Learn more about controlling your state in order to realize yourself as the CAUSE of your life, your results, relationships, finances, joy, etc., No Matter What!

You can call me today for more information,  and meanwhile, start imagining what might happen if you begin throwing out that negative chatter that's running the show...

LOVE Bombs

LOVE Bombs

there is no later, no next time, no waiting

there is only here and now.


what do i feel Here?   …and Now? …




if I am willing to feel it fully… in this moment...

     … then i can release it with LOVE, 


so i ask, am i willing, …yes?


… how about …Now??




to be Free we must Love it all.  

Why? We resist and suffer.

We know this.  

So...  release all.


To receive something different, 

first- be love.


internally, practice “I love you, i love you…”  thanking the experience, the gift the universe has sent.  then you re-focus on your preference, always maintaining this gratitude for life’s gifts in all forms.  



observe (pause). feel (waves). thank(pause). release (flow). 

pexels-photo-371422 copy.jpg


observe the ebb, the almost hidden pause, and only then flow…




Fighting this flow will only cause a dam full of power which will sabotage your efforts.  Release…  Release...  Release...



Ah, Now...   Dare again and be Lofty!  

ask, receive (pause) again, feel (waves), give thanks again…


... this is the swiftest path to liberation …


it is simple

but, not easy, 


it is not easy to release what we would keep and hold;

it is not easy to forgive what we would push away, reject


yet, ... keep doing it

it gets easier… look to the ocean.  the pattern.  the flow.


thank you, i love you.

(i’m sorry, please forgive me… often helps)



the true self begins to emerge…

effortless.  strong.  natural.

with peace and grace,


Each new day…

pexels-photo-359558 copy.jpg

God is Good. 

. Love, Wisdom, Power . 

All the time, everywhere.  

The source and the supply.  The Universe and I are One.  You and I are One.



 ~K. Zalepa, 3/2018



Since energy is forever in motion, everything we experience in life on the physical plane is constantly and forever changing.

The only Truth, the only unchanging knowledge and Power, is above and beyond the physical.

This invisible, impersonal, power, which animates and energizes all of 'life', is itself the only constant, the only Real force.  Nothing else is real and nothing else exists.

This Power back of all life is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent.

Omnipresent- everywhere across all space, in all and  thru all

 Omniscient- all knowing beyond time past, present and future

Omnipotent- all powerful beyond comprehension

Omnibenevolent- all loving and life supporting beyond reason

This one and only True Power is Unconditional Love

~ When we forget this Love and get lost in trying to control the worldly concerns,  we suffer ~

These 8 (eight) worldly concerns (4 pairs) that lead to our suffering because they are not real are:

pleasure / pain; loss / gain;  praise / blame;  fame / shame

These concerns change with the wind.   They come and go.  Here one day, gone the next.  Everything has a season.  Only that one Universal Power, the Power of the Unconditional Love is real.  It comes not from us but thru us.  This Love is the calm center in the storm of constant change, upheaval, and renewal.

When we cling to or run from the worldly concerns, we become trapped in the illusion.  Suffering and anxiety are inevitable.

To live in Joy and Freedom is to release ourselves from these concerns and live in the knowledge of Truth - that we are already and always Unconditionally Loved despite all appearances to the contrary.  This Truth and this Knowing must be experienced within us.

Allow yourself to cease looking for proof of your blocks and hurdles, fears and worries, problems and concerns but rather.... Focus and correct your Mind.  The error has been in your thinking all this time.  So with a focus on Knowing and remembering this Truth, this feeling of pure Love...  allow your Faith and Awareness to present itself to you in the form of new eexperiences, opportunities and moments of bliss as they arrive and arise in your consciousness.  Consciousness comes first, physical manifestation comes second.  Not the other way around.

 "Faith (conscious knowing) is the substance (physicalness) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Faith is the evidence.  If you have faith in a thing then you already have it in consciousness and it appears.

Feel what you feel but then let it go because pondering on losses, wallowing in sorrows, feeling victimized - holding these concerns- will never elevate you above them.

Only Love is the power which elevates you.

Yes.  There is love.  In this moment.  Now.  Yes!, though it may be a diamond hidden in a lump of coal or a nugget of gold deep down in an ore under the earth's surface, it IS there.  It is there simply awaiting your discovery.  It is there under your feet, within your heart, and floating gently in your mind, at all times.

Your greatest life's work is simply to intend and to focus with faith, and with every fiber of your being, back of all moments, on knowing and remembering this love.  This love is your birth rite.

You deserve this love.  You will accept this love.  You will BE this love.

You will thrive in this love.  You are this love.  You share this love.  

You are growing stronger and more powerful, a force for goodness, creating beauty and love around you.

Keep your Faith alive and stay the course for love and miracles.  Now.  And in each Now to come.

Mantra- 'I will BE this Love.  I AM this love.  I now pause when I need to and I now create space for my highest self so I can thrive in Love'

Love, light,... and giggles, too,  ~kim




. changing ideas, thoughts and beliefs causes:  ~turbulence.

This is simply a law of nature.   Energy changes forms.


As German philosopher Albert Schopenhauer states, 

"All Truth passes through three stages.  

First it is ridiculed [ouch 😥].  

Next it is violently opposed [yikes! 😳].  

Finally, it is being accepted as self evident."


We don't like change.  Our ego-mind fights it at every turn.

So although is seems crazy at first, you must change your own long-held beliefs about reality and what is possible for your life in order for your experience of life to change.


The Truth is that you are so much more than you know.  You are creators.   You are capable of BIG dreams!

So, What crazy change would you love to see in the world???

Life Coaching vs. Counseling or Therapy

.welcome. 😍

.i am often asked about what life coaching is and how it differs from therapy, so I offer these words...

.life coaching helps move a client forward.  .we align the mind with internal attitudes and then with action steps and accountability to promote growth.

.therapy digs into your past to seek 'why' you have blockages to success or health.  the focus is on the past.

.life coaching gently digs inside you to allow you to develop awareness of your current blocks, regardless of why.  the focus is on the present and on how you want to feel now and moving forward.

.counselors/therapist give advice. vs coaches teach you to hear the call of your own highest advice and to empower you to take it!

.life coaches help you trust yourself and foster confidence by facilitating a discovery and gratitude for your own life and your unique voice and true desires. we help you trust and follow your own advice, and gently hold you accountable for the action steps you create.  the goal is to empower and strengthen your self by removing limitating beliefs and blocks, exploring opportunities from challenges, and learning the freedom of choice. this happens because unlike a friend or relative, great life coaches have no personal agenda for your life, no judgment to impose.

.wheverever you are now is where you are meant to be in this moment.  it is part of your personal journey. it is an effect.  it was caused by the thoughts and beliefs (often subconscious) you have been holding dear.

.my question to you is simply-  is your life working for You?

~ success is in living your own joyful dream ~

.so, are you who you want to be?

.no?  .maybe not?  .not sure?  .ahhhhh, let's dig deeper...  

what if you knew with absolute certainty that you could be/have/do absolutely anything (without limit) that you could possibly imagine?  

what would that dream be?; what would that dream look like??

.explore your soul.  .reach out and let me know what you find.

🙏🏻 .love. ❤️ .light. ✨ .giggles. 😀



"Talk is cheap...


In Silence...


   ... I Double-Dog Dare You..."

- k.zalepa


The answers to all your concerns lie within You, not in

- him / her;

- this job / that job;

- this house / that house;

- that accolade / that achievement;

- more $$$ / less $$...

- his approval / her approval.

So, Be brave and Practice going within to find your Truth


You feel goodness...      Simply Meditate ...on Gratitude

You feel ugly...    Simply Meditate ...on Beauty

You feel sickness...       Simply Meditate ...on Vibrant Health

You feel poor...      Simply Meditate ...on Wealth

You feel sadness...      Simply Meditate ...on Joy!

You feel overwhelm/stress...      Simply Meditate ...on Peace ☮

You feel boredom...      Simply Meditate ...on Fulfillment

You feel anger...      Simply Meditate ...on Happiness

You feel impatience... Simply Meditate ...on Patience

You feel scared... Simply Meditate ...on Freedom

You feel .. Simply Meditate ...on

You feel loneliness...  Simply Meditate ...on Love and Connection

You feel apathy...     Simple Meditate ...on Passion

You are not your-  feelings, body, circumstances or your past

And, You are more than you think.

Your life is a product of your subconscious Beliefs.   Your Emotions fuel those beliefs, your thoughts, your attitudes, and ultimately your experiences in life.   Why?  Because everything is energy and energy creates vibrations which form matter.   Your beliefs are literally creating your physical body, health and your world!

So, Are you willing to examine those deep-seeded, long held beliefs?

Because You are much greater even than these and there is an Infinite Power within You.

Meditate on this idea and you will discover the real You behind this smaller you, the real Free Mind behind this small mind

-only You can allow it to emerge from behind the illusion of false beliefs-


~ we are all connected, we are all one ~


learn and experience more....

On Facebook at:   Infinite Potential . Life Coaching


☮ 💜 ✨ 😀

food for thought

.have you had an experience that has left you feeling empty?

.it could be a loss or an unexpected change.  .a hurt feeling.

.we have all been there.  .life changes.   .life happens.  .it hurts.

.the question is…

.are you prepared to handle the ever-changing ebb and flow of life and are you preparing those around you?  .internally?  .mentally?

TRUTH:  .your experience of life begins within you.

.as humans, we have resilience and the ability to adapt and thrive, depending on our beliefs.

.are you feeling like a victim of life’s unpredictable nature, feeling empty and filling up on shopping, mindless television, alcohol, drugs or junk food? .are you accepting and loving yourself at all cost?  .are you mentally and emotionally tough, strengthening your joy and connections no matter the challenge?

.are your thoughts/beliefs feeding you or depleting you?


.food for thought.

.write down the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and challenges that this post brings up within you!

.feel them and get it over with.  release them.  let them go. breathe…. allow peace to return.

.question everything! .reach out…


 .love.  .light.  .giggles. 

~ kim

Are You ready for More in Your Life?

Are You ready for More in Your Life?

Are You ready for More in Your Life?

What is that- a means to an end???  We’ve all heard it.  But how is it affecting us?

Are you so busy trying to create the means (money, big house, title) to the end that you have completely lost track of the ends that you started out trying to create?

Did you think that those means would get you what you really wanted like freedom, love, joy, friendship and fulfillment?

Did you end up getting excess weight, an overstuffed schedule, back aches, illnesses and migraines instead???

If you have tried and tried and still haven’t created those end goals that you truly desire, If you don’t feel that you are living out loud and enjoying your life to the fullest, you might have confused your real goal-  you could be trapped in a continuous loop of striving for means that will never provide you those experiences that would truly lift you up and allow you to soar.

If you are ready for something more,  you can begin now by taking a few moments to breathe, close your eyes, leave money any time out of it, and then ask yourself three questions:

  1. what do i truly want to experience in my limited time here on earth?
  2. in what ways do i really want to grow?
  3. in what ways do i really want to contribute?

Remember, money and time are no objects!

create any style of list (bullet points, mindmap, visionboard,…) for each question above.

read it every day and when you are ready to move forward – contact me!

Light, Love and Giggles, ~Kim

* three questions – credit goes to MindValley.com for their awesome content *

You are Unique!

You are Unique!

You are Unique!

There is only one You:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.  And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open…”

~ Martha Graham, dancer/teacher

Victory in Defeat

Victory in Defeat

Victory in Defeat

~ honor your failures as they serve a special purpose in your life by making way for something even greater ~

Defeat may serve as well as victory

To shake the soul and let the glory out

When the oak is straining in the wind,

The boughs drink in new beauty, and the trunk

Sends down a deeper root on the windward side.

Only the soul that knows the mighty grief

Can know the mighty rapture. Sorrows come

To stretch out spaces in the heart for joy.

~ by Edwin Markham




.are you thriving or merely surviving??

.let’s choose to thrive!!!

.if you join me, let’s consider what wave you’re on, and what wave you prefer to be on…

.surfing the ocean?,  surfing the web?

.nope- surfing the universe!        …WHAT???

.ok, ok, hang on.  either way, have you noticed that sometimes you feel like you’re ‘going with the flow’?  have you felt that???...  maybe as a kid at the park- you simply played or pretended to be pirates or princesses;  or in sports- you weren’t thinking, you were just ‘in the zone’;  or maybe you experienced a day that just seemed to roll smoothly along?

.and of course you have probably had those days where nothing went well (no, no, no, we’re NOT here to discuss those days, Lol.  although if you get these types of days they make for great, humorous, stories of survival! I digress… back to surfing….)

.you surf the universe by noticing those good moments, by feeling all those good emotions and by mentally choosing to enjoy the ride of your life.  again.  and again.  and again.  to infinity and beyond…

.you don’t believe?  …well, it is your choice after all.

.if you can imagine watching a new movie about your life-  how would you want it to play out?  If you use your imagination and grab a wave and surf it out-  what great things could happen, what great vibes could you experience?  keep going… the more you practice, the better you’ll feel.

.and watch as a totally new life opens up right before your eyes!


Call and schedule a coaching conversation today!

Thinking out Loud

Thinking out Loud

Thinking out Loud

“Be mindful of your self talk.  It’s a conversation with the universe.”
~ David James Lees

… which is, of course, why you can never run away from yourself.  you are always there inside your head.   you can, however, change your thoughts, change your old outdated beliefs, change your self-talk, change your life!

What are the dominant thoughts and beliefs running amok inside your head?  Do you even know?

Are your thoughts moving you forward in the direction of your dreams or are they creating roadblocks the size of mountains?  

What would your life look and feel like if you could transform the messages you hear in any area of your life??


Call me to schedule a coaching conversation today!




Inspiration - Creating Lasting Change

Motivation is external and difficult for most.  Inspiration comes from within and its power is infinite and effortless.

.so often, i have been asked, ‘why is positive change sooo difficult for so many people?’…

.well it all has to do with the way that our mind works.  if we work against it – it’s like saying there’s no gravity (here on earth, people) and expecting not to come down when you jump up.  it happens automatically – you jump up and then you come back down.  it’s a universal truth (true for everyone).  and universal truths are the only the truths there are (more on that later when we question every ‘truth’ you can throw at me).  we can’t fight it.  so lets work with it instead.  

.so why the talk of gravity and truth and mind, you ask???  well maybe you want to lose weight or earn more money or improve your relationships and you can’t seem to succeed or you do for a bit but it doesn’t last.   it is possible that maybe you could be putting your energy into fighting against these impersonal truths?  truths that simply can’t be changed?   this could be a problem.  you just may have given over your power to forces outside of yourself.

.you CAN take it back, however!   and when you make that choice,  your life will change in amazing and as of yet unimaginable ways.   when you understand how the only real truth operates in the universe – you can learn what to do.   Ready?!  OK,  so let’s start with the mind.

.a little background on that beautiful mind of yours.  the conscious mind (i.e. the master) is your reasoning mind, making the choices and decisions and rationalizations in the now…  all the while, the subconscious mind (i.e. the slave) only follows ‘orders’ from the conscious mind…   but there is a huge caveat (a truth you want to know)…  if these new ‘orders’ don’t match up with the grooves and pathways that have already been established in the deeply habitual subconscious mind over your lifetime (programming ingrained from parents, teachers, siblings, experience, anything longheld beliefs, etc), then this ‘order’ is automatically rejected – it is simply NOT understood!

.boom! it’s over – failure.  time and time again.  you’ve seen it, heard it and you know the drill:

-she’s skinny, but not me     -he’s rich but works 90 hours a week      -i lost 10lbs…then gained 15.  -i’m sick    -i have allergies   -i feel like crap.  -why is SHE always so dang happy?    -my life is hard -she’s smarter   -i’ll never have…    -if i only had…     -i need more money       and so on…

.the truth if i may share, is – we all live in the same world (or do we?) and yet some people are the golden boys/girls and some of us just suck.  is this true?  why?  are we really doomed???  is any of this really, really, true?!!


.NO!   and knowing that, you can lighten-up starting right now :)    <- Truth.

.you can begin to realize that your life is full of so many illusions and false truths.   forget why and how and let’s focus on removing all the rubbish.

.so what are we to do in order to create lasting, beneficial,  changes in our lives???

.now you can get excited – yes, there ARE answers, and I have them for you (after many years of research, study and practice)!

…1. together, we help you begin to notice (bring awareness to) and then challenge (with inquiries such as, ‘is this really true?’) those nagging, negative, thoughts that automatically crop up for you.

…2. we take a deep look at your hidden belief systems (are they building you up or diminishing you?),

…3. we begin identifying and removing your limiting beliefs, faulty assumptions and interpretations, and negative thoughts patterns,

…4. then,  we help you create new pathways to success and you practice, practice, practice.

…5. repeat steps 1 – 4 as necessary.

.imagine that by becoming inspired by these new thoughts, beliefs and feelings, it becomes easy and natural to continue to practice…   you no longer need prodding and motivation…   as you see results, you believe more and it starts to become a swirling pattern of support…  desired results  and the excitement created provides the inspiration that keeps your energy moving effortlessly and easily – you are moving into the flow…  as it should be!

…imagine the comfort you’ll begin to feel with your own life, knowing that it is moving forward synchronistically…  people arriving as you need their advice… opportunities knocking and you listening…  these are the kinds of ‘coincidences’ that will begin to happen more and more frequently when those blocks are dissolved

…life’s little miracles are waiting for you…

…you hold the key and the power within you…  you may just need a little guidance…

what is it that you think you want?

…it’s you turn – feel free to share your thoughts!   i would love to hear from you…

Values Discovery

Values Discovery

Values Discovery

.do you really know what you value most in life?  or are you so busy trying to make it to the weekend in one piece that have no clue?!?  are those weeks turning into months and years in what seems like a blink of an eye???

.then, let’s take a moment, a deep breath, and get back to you…

… while you’re breathing, why not take this moment for yourself and allow yourself to ponder over 5-10 words that resonate with you, that feel like the real you, deep inside.  these are the words and ideas that represent your inner truth (therefore, no negatives.  more on that later).  there are no wrong answers, only your answers.  Here are some possibilities in various tenses and forms:

.abundance, accountability, accomplishment, action, authenticity, awareness, beauty, benevolence, community, character, compassion, creativity, courage, curiosity, diversity, drama!, duty, easy-going, efficiency, emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, excellence, exploration, fairness, family, fitness, focus, freedom, fun, friendship, generosity, growth, healing, health, home, honesty, honor, humor, influence, integrity, intelligence, intimacy, integration, inspiration, joy, kindness, knowledge, leadership, love, meaning, motivation, movement, nature, opportunity, organic, passion, purpose, peace, persistence, patience, philanthropy, power, reflection, rationality, recognition, responsibility, sacrifice, security, stability, service, simplicity, sincerity, spontaneity, sharing, strength, success, team, thoughtfulness, timeliness, travel, truth, wealth… fire, air, water, wind…  ??? what else?

.keep these close to your heart.  remind yourself each day to take a moment, breathe, and allow your mind wonder over these words.  your words.    …the more you do, i assure you, the more they will show up in your experience of your amazing life.

.let me know what you came up with!!!  i would love to hear from you :) :)

Energy in Motion

Energy in Motion

Energy in Motion

Low on Energy?  Nosh on these questions for a bit….

Who would you be if you knew, absolutely knew, you had access to all of the Energy and immense, infinite, Joy the universe has to offer?!

Who would/could you be without your:

Fear, worry, doubt, guilt, shame, sense of lack, false pride, arrogance, etc?