Inspiration - Creating Lasting Change

Motivation is external and difficult for most.  Inspiration comes from within and its power is infinite and effortless.

.so often, i have been asked, ‘why is positive change sooo difficult for so many people?’…

.well it all has to do with the way that our mind works.  if we work against it – it’s like saying there’s no gravity (here on earth, people) and expecting not to come down when you jump up.  it happens automatically – you jump up and then you come back down.  it’s a universal truth (true for everyone).  and universal truths are the only the truths there are (more on that later when we question every ‘truth’ you can throw at me).  we can’t fight it.  so lets work with it instead.  

.so why the talk of gravity and truth and mind, you ask???  well maybe you want to lose weight or earn more money or improve your relationships and you can’t seem to succeed or you do for a bit but it doesn’t last.   it is possible that maybe you could be putting your energy into fighting against these impersonal truths?  truths that simply can’t be changed?   this could be a problem.  you just may have given over your power to forces outside of yourself.

.you CAN take it back, however!   and when you make that choice,  your life will change in amazing and as of yet unimaginable ways.   when you understand how the only real truth operates in the universe – you can learn what to do.   Ready?!  OK,  so let’s start with the mind.

.a little background on that beautiful mind of yours.  the conscious mind (i.e. the master) is your reasoning mind, making the choices and decisions and rationalizations in the now…  all the while, the subconscious mind (i.e. the slave) only follows ‘orders’ from the conscious mind…   but there is a huge caveat (a truth you want to know)…  if these new ‘orders’ don’t match up with the grooves and pathways that have already been established in the deeply habitual subconscious mind over your lifetime (programming ingrained from parents, teachers, siblings, experience, anything longheld beliefs, etc), then this ‘order’ is automatically rejected – it is simply NOT understood!

.boom! it’s over – failure.  time and time again.  you’ve seen it, heard it and you know the drill:

-she’s skinny, but not me     -he’s rich but works 90 hours a week      -i lost 10lbs…then gained 15.  -i’m sick    -i have allergies   -i feel like crap.  -why is SHE always so dang happy?    -my life is hard -she’s smarter   -i’ll never have…    -if i only had…     -i need more money       and so on…

.the truth if i may share, is – we all live in the same world (or do we?) and yet some people are the golden boys/girls and some of us just suck.  is this true?  why?  are we really doomed???  is any of this really, really, true?!!


.NO!   and knowing that, you can lighten-up starting right now :)    <- Truth.

.you can begin to realize that your life is full of so many illusions and false truths.   forget why and how and let’s focus on removing all the rubbish.

.so what are we to do in order to create lasting, beneficial,  changes in our lives???

.now you can get excited – yes, there ARE answers, and I have them for you (after many years of research, study and practice)!

…1. together, we help you begin to notice (bring awareness to) and then challenge (with inquiries such as, ‘is this really true?’) those nagging, negative, thoughts that automatically crop up for you.

…2. we take a deep look at your hidden belief systems (are they building you up or diminishing you?),

…3. we begin identifying and removing your limiting beliefs, faulty assumptions and interpretations, and negative thoughts patterns,

…4. then,  we help you create new pathways to success and you practice, practice, practice.

…5. repeat steps 1 – 4 as necessary.

.imagine that by becoming inspired by these new thoughts, beliefs and feelings, it becomes easy and natural to continue to practice…   you no longer need prodding and motivation…   as you see results, you believe more and it starts to become a swirling pattern of support…  desired results  and the excitement created provides the inspiration that keeps your energy moving effortlessly and easily – you are moving into the flow…  as it should be!

…imagine the comfort you’ll begin to feel with your own life, knowing that it is moving forward synchronistically…  people arriving as you need their advice… opportunities knocking and you listening…  these are the kinds of ‘coincidences’ that will begin to happen more and more frequently when those blocks are dissolved

…life’s little miracles are waiting for you…

…you hold the key and the power within you…  you may just need a little guidance…

what is it that you think you want?

…it’s you turn – feel free to share your thoughts!   i would love to hear from you…