Values Discovery

.do you really know what you value most in life?  or are you so busy trying to make it to the weekend in one piece that have no clue?!?  are those weeks turning into months and years in what seems like a blink of an eye???

.then, let’s take a moment, a deep breath, and get back to you…

… while you’re breathing, why not take this moment for yourself and allow yourself to ponder over 5-10 words that resonate with you, that feel like the real you, deep inside.  these are the words and ideas that represent your inner truth (therefore, no negatives.  more on that later).  there are no wrong answers, only your answers.  Here are some possibilities in various tenses and forms:

.abundance, accountability, accomplishment, action, authenticity, awareness, beauty, benevolence, community, character, compassion, creativity, courage, curiosity, diversity, drama!, duty, easy-going, efficiency, emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, excellence, exploration, fairness, family, fitness, focus, freedom, fun, friendship, generosity, growth, healing, health, home, honesty, honor, humor, influence, integrity, intelligence, intimacy, integration, inspiration, joy, kindness, knowledge, leadership, love, meaning, motivation, movement, nature, opportunity, organic, passion, purpose, peace, persistence, patience, philanthropy, power, reflection, rationality, recognition, responsibility, sacrifice, security, stability, service, simplicity, sincerity, spontaneity, sharing, strength, success, team, thoughtfulness, timeliness, travel, truth, wealth… fire, air, water, wind…  ??? what else?

.keep these close to your heart.  remind yourself each day to take a moment, breathe, and allow your mind wonder over these words.  your words.    …the more you do, i assure you, the more they will show up in your experience of your amazing life.

.let me know what you came up with!!!  i would love to hear from you :) :)