In life, your behavior and therefore your results are determined by your state of mind, NOT your circumstances.   Most of us have it all backwards.  We think that if so and so is nicer, or if we get that new car, that spotless house, or that promotion, that husband or wife, then we can finally relax, feel good, accomplished, and worthy.  But the very opposite is true.   How many people do you know that wait and wait until retirement and by that time, their health has suffered, the money has run out or the bills have piled up and its simply too late.  

And haven't you know those people that seem to be able to make things happen without the talent or obvious resources and yet they have the 'can 'do' attitude and seem to flow through life?

Your State is the Key.  

And two main things contribute to your state at any given time.

Your physiology contributes to your state. Do your ears hang low or are you pumped up and ready for life?  Are you a 'can do' or an 'oh no, that's not me' kind of person? Start to notice.

Your filters also contribute to your state. Are you deleting all the good memories and remembering the bad?  Are you distorting information?  Are you generalizing with phrases like, 'this ALWAYS happens to me!'

Start listening to your own internal dialogue and start asking yourself - 'Is this line of thinking, feeling and being SERVING me or not?'

Learn more about controlling your state in order to realize yourself as the CAUSE of your life, your results, relationships, finances, joy, etc., No Matter What!

You can call me today for more information,  and meanwhile, start imagining what might happen if you begin throwing out that negative chatter that's running the show...