there is no later, no next time, no waiting

there is only here and now.


what do i feel Here?   …and Now? …




if I am willing to feel it fully… in this moment...

     … then i can release it with LOVE, 


so i ask, am i willing, …yes?


… how about …Now??




to be Free we must Love it all.  

Why? We resist and suffer.

We know this.  

So...  release all.


To receive something different, 

first- be love.


internally, practice “I love you, i love you…”  thanking the experience, the gift the universe has sent.  then you re-focus on your preference, always maintaining this gratitude for life’s gifts in all forms.  



observe (pause). feel (waves). thank(pause). release (flow). 

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observe the ebb, the almost hidden pause, and only then flow…




Fighting this flow will only cause a dam full of power which will sabotage your efforts.  Release…  Release...  Release...



Ah, Now...   Dare again and be Lofty!  

ask, receive (pause) again, feel (waves), give thanks again…


... this is the swiftest path to liberation …


it is simple

but, not easy, 


it is not easy to release what we would keep and hold;

it is not easy to forgive what we would push away, reject


yet, ... keep doing it

it gets easier… look to the ocean.  the pattern.  the flow.


thank you, i love you.

(i’m sorry, please forgive me… often helps)



the true self begins to emerge…

effortless.  strong.  natural.

with peace and grace,


Each new day…

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God is Good. 

. Love, Wisdom, Power . 

All the time, everywhere.  

The source and the supply.  The Universe and I are One.  You and I are One.



 ~K. Zalepa, 3/2018