Since energy is forever in motion, everything we experience in life on the physical plane is constantly and forever changing.

The only Truth, the only unchanging knowledge and Power, is above and beyond the physical.

This invisible, impersonal, power, which animates and energizes all of 'life', is itself the only constant, the only Real force.  Nothing else is real and nothing else exists.

This Power back of all life is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent.

Omnipresent- everywhere across all space, in all and  thru all

 Omniscient- all knowing beyond time past, present and future

Omnipotent- all powerful beyond comprehension

Omnibenevolent- all loving and life supporting beyond reason

This one and only True Power is Unconditional Love

~ When we forget this Love and get lost in trying to control the worldly concerns,  we suffer ~

These 8 (eight) worldly concerns (4 pairs) that lead to our suffering because they are not real are:

pleasure / pain; loss / gain;  praise / blame;  fame / shame

These concerns change with the wind.   They come and go.  Here one day, gone the next.  Everything has a season.  Only that one Universal Power, the Power of the Unconditional Love is real.  It comes not from us but thru us.  This Love is the calm center in the storm of constant change, upheaval, and renewal.

When we cling to or run from the worldly concerns, we become trapped in the illusion.  Suffering and anxiety are inevitable.

To live in Joy and Freedom is to release ourselves from these concerns and live in the knowledge of Truth - that we are already and always Unconditionally Loved despite all appearances to the contrary.  This Truth and this Knowing must be experienced within us.

Allow yourself to cease looking for proof of your blocks and hurdles, fears and worries, problems and concerns but rather.... Focus and correct your Mind.  The error has been in your thinking all this time.  So with a focus on Knowing and remembering this Truth, this feeling of pure Love...  allow your Faith and Awareness to present itself to you in the form of new eexperiences, opportunities and moments of bliss as they arrive and arise in your consciousness.  Consciousness comes first, physical manifestation comes second.  Not the other way around.

 "Faith (conscious knowing) is the substance (physicalness) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Faith is the evidence.  If you have faith in a thing then you already have it in consciousness and it appears.

Feel what you feel but then let it go because pondering on losses, wallowing in sorrows, feeling victimized - holding these concerns- will never elevate you above them.

Only Love is the power which elevates you.

Yes.  There is love.  In this moment.  Now.  Yes!, though it may be a diamond hidden in a lump of coal or a nugget of gold deep down in an ore under the earth's surface, it IS there.  It is there simply awaiting your discovery.  It is there under your feet, within your heart, and floating gently in your mind, at all times.

Your greatest life's work is simply to intend and to focus with faith, and with every fiber of your being, back of all moments, on knowing and remembering this love.  This love is your birth rite.

You deserve this love.  You will accept this love.  You will BE this love.

You will thrive in this love.  You are this love.  You share this love.  

You are growing stronger and more powerful, a force for goodness, creating beauty and love around you.

Keep your Faith alive and stay the course for love and miracles.  Now.  And in each Now to come.

Mantra- 'I will BE this Love.  I AM this love.  I now pause when I need to and I now create space for my highest self so I can thrive in Love'

Love, light,... and giggles, too,  ~kim