.have you had an experience that has left you feeling empty?

.it could be a loss or an unexpected change.  .a hurt feeling.

.we have all been there.  .life changes.   .life happens.  .it hurts.

.the question is…

.are you prepared to handle the ever-changing ebb and flow of life and are you preparing those around you?  .internally?  .mentally?

TRUTH:  .your experience of life begins within you.

.as humans, we have resilience and the ability to adapt and thrive, depending on our beliefs.

.are you feeling like a victim of life’s unpredictable nature, feeling empty and filling up on shopping, mindless television, alcohol, drugs or junk food? .are you accepting and loving yourself at all cost?  .are you mentally and emotionally tough, strengthening your joy and connections no matter the challenge?

.are your thoughts/beliefs feeding you or depleting you?


.food for thought.

.write down the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and challenges that this post brings up within you!

.feel them and get it over with.  release them.  let them go. breathe…. allow peace to return.

.question everything! .reach out…


 .love.  .light.  .giggles. 

~ kim