Are You ready for More in Your Life?

What is that- a means to an end???  We’ve all heard it.  But how is it affecting us?

Are you so busy trying to create the means (money, big house, title) to the end that you have completely lost track of the ends that you started out trying to create?

Did you think that those means would get you what you really wanted like freedom, love, joy, friendship and fulfillment?

Did you end up getting excess weight, an overstuffed schedule, back aches, illnesses and migraines instead???

If you have tried and tried and still haven’t created those end goals that you truly desire, If you don’t feel that you are living out loud and enjoying your life to the fullest, you might have confused your real goal-  you could be trapped in a continuous loop of striving for means that will never provide you those experiences that would truly lift you up and allow you to soar.

If you are ready for something more,  you can begin now by taking a few moments to breathe, close your eyes, leave money any time out of it, and then ask yourself three questions:

  1. what do i truly want to experience in my limited time here on earth?
  2. in what ways do i really want to grow?
  3. in what ways do i really want to contribute?

Remember, money and time are no objects!

create any style of list (bullet points, mindmap, visionboard,…) for each question above.

read it every day and when you are ready to move forward – contact me!

Light, Love and Giggles, ~Kim

* three questions – credit goes to for their awesome content *