.are you thriving or merely surviving??

.let’s choose to thrive!!!

.if you join me, let’s consider what wave you’re on, and what wave you prefer to be on…

.surfing the ocean?,  surfing the web?

.nope- surfing the universe!        …WHAT???

.ok, ok, hang on.  either way, have you noticed that sometimes you feel like you’re ‘going with the flow’?  have you felt that???...  maybe as a kid at the park- you simply played or pretended to be pirates or princesses;  or in sports- you weren’t thinking, you were just ‘in the zone’;  or maybe you experienced a day that just seemed to roll smoothly along?

.and of course you have probably had those days where nothing went well (no, no, no, we’re NOT here to discuss those days, Lol.  although if you get these types of days they make for great, humorous, stories of survival! I digress… back to surfing….)

.you surf the universe by noticing those good moments, by feeling all those good emotions and by mentally choosing to enjoy the ride of your life.  again.  and again.  and again.  to infinity and beyond…

.you don’t believe?  …well, it is your choice after all.

.if you can imagine watching a new movie about your life-  how would you want it to play out?  If you use your imagination and grab a wave and surf it out-  what great things could happen, what great vibes could you experience?  keep going… the more you practice, the better you’ll feel.

.and watch as a totally new life opens up right before your eyes!


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