• Brick, NJ

A Vision Board is a powerful and effective tool for manifesting your dreams by helping create a focus for your life which then sets you up for Success!!!

This workshop is for You if only if:
- you've been so busy taking care of everyday life, chores, work, family, that you've forgotten your own dreams?, and/or
- you 'lose' time before you get to you and your dreams? and/or
- you feel stuck in any area of your life (we'll show you some areas if you need to choose ;) 
- you bored with life, and/or
- money seems to drain from your bank faster than you can bring it it, and/or
- you just want a fun, inspiring, day with friends :) !

This fun and significant workshop will be one of discovery where you uncover your dreams and power, or simply a goal- in a safe, encouraging, and inviting environment. We'll dive deep into our hearts and excavate our dreams and passions together. 

In this Workshop, we'll-
- define what a vision board is and why creating it is significance to your new life,  
- we will begin to create clarity on your life preferences, goals and/or dreams with journaling exercises, and discussions,
- dive in with creative collaging, colored markers, powerful words, images and pictures and create a unique vision!,
- we'll share our excitement and discuss our Why's

Come play with us as we celebrate one another, confront fears and create our dreams! Get ready for the New YOU!

Space is limited, please RSVP by Friday Feb. 10, 2017
Fee: $30 in advance, $35 day of event, bring a friend for $20 (includes board and supplies with non-alcoholic beverages and a light snack)