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. changing ideas, thoughts and beliefs causes:  ~turbulence.

This is simply a law of nature.   Energy changes forms.


As German philosopher Albert Schopenhauer states, 

"All Truth passes through three stages.  

First it is ridiculed [ouch 😥].  

Next it is violently opposed [yikes! 😳].  

Finally, it is being accepted as self evident."


We don't like change.  Our ego-mind fights it at every turn.

So although is seems crazy at first, you must change your own long-held beliefs about reality and what is possible for your life in order for your experience of life to change.


The Truth is that you are so much more than you know.  You are creators.   You are capable of BIG dreams!

So, What crazy change would you love to see in the world???

Life Coaching vs. Counseling or Therapy

.welcome. 😍

.i am often asked about what life coaching is and how it differs from therapy, so I offer these words...

.life coaching helps move a client forward.  .we align the mind with internal attitudes and then with action steps and accountability to promote growth.

.therapy digs into your past to seek 'why' you have blockages to success or health.  the focus is on the past.

.life coaching gently digs inside you to allow you to develop awareness of your current blocks, regardless of why.  the focus is on the present and on how you want to feel now and moving forward.

.counselors/therapist give advice. vs coaches teach you to hear the call of your own highest advice and to empower you to take it!

.life coaches help you trust yourself and foster confidence by facilitating a discovery and gratitude for your own life and your unique voice and true desires. we help you trust and follow your own advice, and gently hold you accountable for the action steps you create.  the goal is to empower and strengthen your self by removing limitating beliefs and blocks, exploring opportunities from challenges, and learning the freedom of choice. this happens because unlike a friend or relative, great life coaches have no personal agenda for your life, no judgment to impose.

.wheverever you are now is where you are meant to be in this moment.  it is part of your personal journey. it is an effect.  it was caused by the thoughts and beliefs (often subconscious) you have been holding dear.

.my question to you is simply-  is your life working for You?

~ success is in living your own joyful dream ~

.so, are you who you want to be?

.no?  .maybe not?  .not sure?  .ahhhhh, let's dig deeper...  

what if you knew with absolute certainty that you could be/have/do absolutely anything (without limit) that you could possibly imagine?  

what would that dream be?; what would that dream look like??

.explore your soul.  .reach out and let me know what you find.

🙏🏻 .love. ❤️ .light. ✨ .giggles. 😀