"If you are looking for someone who can hold the space for your brightest self, Kim is it.  With a remarkable gift to powerfully guide in meditation, to ask the perfect question and to hear what's not being said, she will walk alongside you toward transformation.  I am so grateful to have known and worked with Kim and encourage anyone who may be considering work with her, to dive right in!  Her fierce commitment to her clients will have you catapulting toward your best self."  ~ Jenny P, NJ

"Kim Zalepa truly gets to the core of her client's problems. She not only motivates but is a true cheerleader throughout a client's journey to their goal. She is genuinely caring and takes deep interest by listening to her clients. Her best feature is that she is completely non-judgemental which helps her clients open up to her with ease.  Above all she is one of the most fearless coaches I've met.  Wishing her the best in her new phase of life as a -truly sincere and cut above- Life Coach!" ~ R. Mehta, Ohio

"Kim is someone that I find incredibly spirit filled and led by her gift to take others to another level of thinking.  Her ability to create an aura of peace and calmness all around you, is truly her gift. She is a dynamic person and cares for the well being of others. Partnering with Kim as your coach will be nothing short of excellence.  She is absolutely awesome!  She's loyal to her clients in helping them realize what needs to "change", in order for them to experience a lifestyle breakthrough. She is certified and a professional coach that will stop at nothing to meet the clients needs. Her ability to listen is impeccable. She has a gift for taking what she hears and turning it into a message that will meditate to you, in a way that you could only imagine. She understands ones desire to reach their goals, make dreams come true and transition from one place to another. Partnering with Kim will enhance and many times, change your life and the way you believe in yourself. You will value the time spent and you will always have an accountability partner that wants you to succeed, in all that you set out to do in your life. She's on time, all the time, with doing her very best, to make you your very best!!" ~ Deb R, Maryland

"She is an amazing coach.  Kim helped me discover my real self and all my potential.  She helped me open the door to a better, more fulfilling and happy life.  AND she is there for me when i need her the most! Thank you Kim" ~Josephine U, New Jersey

"When Kim first told me what she focused on I really wanted to work with her.  I wanted to know how this abundant mindset worked. And I'm glad she became my coach. She helped me believe in possibility where before I had seen none.  I started making bolder decisions and believing that things would work out.  I started having higher expectations and changing my life to more of what I wanted." ~ Jeanie T, CO

"I have known Kim for a great many years and can truly attest to the fact that she genuinely cares about people. She is motivated not by financial gain but by a deep seated desire to uplift people and help them reach their highest potential. Her insatiable desire to continually improve herself as a teacher, wife, mother and friend is humbling and inspiring. If you are looking for someone to help you work through a particular situation or just someone to bounce ideas off of, she is here to help." ~ Monica, NJ